About Us
Kushal Hardscape specializes in decorative stone work called ‘hardscaping’. Stone a naturally occurring construction material has been used for centuries for construction of houses. Use of stone as a material for decoration has revived in the current decade with increased focus on environment friendly materials. Stone can be used in various ways for construction of gardens, walls swimming pools, interior decoration of houses, etc.
Heritage Management
Kushal Hardscape with team of experts from the field of construction, architecture and conservationist can provide able guidance and craftsmanship for restoration and conservation of your heritage structure. Here we act on a turnkey basis and also undertake yearly contracts for conservation, restoration and maintenance of heritage structures like temple, wada’s, stone houses, archaeological structures, etc.
Architects Corner
Architect’s corner provides basic guidelines for the architects, engineers, stone contractors, stone hand tooled workers and other interested parties for the safe and economical use of building stone in construction. It also includes guide lines for the design and application of cladding or paving stones.